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How to send an email in Android

How to… send an email in Android

Are you wondering how to send an email on an Android phone? Here are the basic steps:

What you’ll learn:

  • How to open an email app
  • How to create an email
  • How to add text or attachments to an email
  • How to send an email


Step 1 – Open an email app

An email app is what you'll use to create and send an email. If you're on an Android phone, you might have a "Gmail" or "Email" app installed:

  • To open it, go to your phone’s home screen or apps screen and select your email app. If you use Gmail, it might ask for your username and password – keep these on hand.


Step 2 – Create an email

Once the email app is open, tap the "Compose" button


You might see a slightly different name for this button if you are using a different app e.g. "New email" or    but they all mean the same thing.


Step 3 – Parts of an email

In the compose email screen, you’ll be able to add the parts of an email:


1. To – this is where you put the email address of the person you want to send your email to.

  • Emails are sent between email addresses which look something like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]"
  • It's important that you put the right email address in the "To: " field so that it is sent to the right person.

2. Subject – this is where you put a reference for your email e.g. History Homework

3. Message body - This is where you type your full message e.g.

Hello John,
I was wondering if you could please help with my history homework. The topic this week is World War II and I know that you had some book recommendations for this. Please let me know.

With all parts filled in, your screen should look similar to this.


Step 4 (optional) – attaching a file

You can add files to emails, not just words. To do attach a file:


  • Tap on the paperclip symbol
  • A popup button will appear, where you can choose how you want to add a file:


Then you can choose which file you want to attach to the email:


After you’ve selected the file, it will appear in your email like:


Step 5 – Sending the email

When you’ve added everything you want to the email, you’re ready to send! Just tap the send button and your email will be sent. Double check that the email address you are sending to is correct before clicking send.