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Create a basic presentation in PowerPoint

How to create a basic presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you want to teach your students to create a visual slideshow of pictures, stories and charts? Using PowerPoint is the easiest way to create simple, easy-to-use slideshows with text, images and shapes.

What you’ll learn:

  • Creating a new presentation
  • Adding titles to your presentation
  • Inserting new slides
  • Adding images
  • Inserting shapes
  • Changing the size and colour of objects


Step 1 – Getting started

Open Microsoft PowerPoint using the Windows Start menu or Taskbar in the bottom-left corner of your screen.


Step 2 – Creating a new presentation

Click on the ‘New’ button to show the types of presentations you can choose to create. 


You will be presented with several different presentation templates. To create a blank presentation, click ‘Blank Presentation’ at the top of the window.


After you click ‘Blank presentation’, your presentation will appear on the screen.


Step 3 – Adding titles to your presentation

Click on each of the text boxes to give your presentation a Title (e.g. My Favourite Sport) and a Subtitle (e.g. Soccer). Remember to click the “Save” icon so you don’t lose progress of your work!


Step 4 – Inserting new slides (or a new page)

In the toolbar at the top-left of screen, click Insert > New Slide and select the slide named Title and Content from the options in the drop-down box.


Once your new slide appears, go ahead and add some words to the slide.


Step 5 – Adding images

To insert an image to your slide, click Insert > Pictures and select an image that you have saved in your computer. Using the cursor, click and drag the image to the right side of the slide.


Step 6 – Inserting shapes

Adding shapes to presentations is a great way to teach basic design elements to your students. Click Insert > Shapes and select a shape from the drop-down box to add it to your slide.


Using your cursor, click and drag to draw the shape on your slide.


Step 7 – Changing the size and colour of objects

Click on a shape or image and use the adjustment circles around the edge of the object and drag the cursor to change its size and shape.


To change the colour of shapes, select a shape and click Format > Shape Fill and choose a new colour from the options in the drop-down box.