Creating and printing documents

Design and edit in Word

How to design and edit a document in Microsoft Word

Do you want your document to look more attractive and presentable? Try out the easy and quick options available in Word.

Learn the following functions:

  • Design 
  • Draw
  • Insert
  • Layout


Option 1 – Design

Click on Design button on top menu bar.



Word document has some in built themes with different styles and fonts to start a document. Click on Design button and then Themes.


Page Background

Select the Page background for your document. Click on Design button and then Page Background options.


Option 2 – Draw

You can use draw function if required. Click on the Draw button on the top menu bar. This can help to circle something for emphasis, or draw a free shape.


Option 3 – Insert

You can insert pages, page break, tables, pictures, shapes, charts, header, footer, page numbers, text box and word art from the various options available under insert functions. Click on the Insert button on the top menu bar. 


Option 4 – Layout

In the Layout tab you can select margins, orientation, size, columns, indent, breaks, and line numbers. Click on the Layout button on the top menu bar.