Creating and printing documents

Saving and sharing documents

How to… get started with saving and sharing documents!

Trying to save your first document and share it with someone? Here are the basic steps you'll follow to get it done in no time!

What you’ll learn:

  • Opening Microsoft Word, setting up a new document and saving the new document
  • Sharing using different methods (email and USB)


Section 1 – Opening Microsoft Word, setting up and saving a new Document

1. Click on the Microsoft Word Icon on the bottom task bar


2. Double Click on “Blank document” in the top right corner


3. Write your content in the new document


4. To save, click on the save icon (highlighted in red). This same icon will save in all Microsoft programs.


5. Name the file, and change the location and save.


Section 2 – Sharing documents

Documents can be shared in many different ways, some of the most common methods will be shown below.


Method 1: Sharing by Email (Gmail)

1. Go to the Gmail website (

2. Click “Compose” in the top left corner


3. Enter your receiver’s email address, enter subject and a message and attach the new document by clicking on the attach icon (highlighted in red)


3. Select our newly created file and click “Open”


4. Then click the blue Send button at the end.


Method 2: Sharing by USB

A USB is a device used to store files and move them between computers. They can be used to move files, especially where an internet connection is not available.

Image of a USB (Link for Image)


1. Insert the USB into a USB port on the computer

(Link for image)


2. Click on the File Explorer Icon at the bottom


3. Find the newly inserted USB on the left side


4. Open another window of the File Explorer (right clicking if needed and clicking on “File Explorer”) and navigate to the file, then right click it and click “Copy”


5. Returning to the USB drive folder, right click on the empty space and select “Paste”

6. Take the USB out and insert into the receiver’s machine, follow steps 1-3 on that machine and follow Step 5 to “Paste” into desired location.


Save and share your documents, as simple as that!