Using digital learning in the classroom

Benefits of Microsoft Office in the classroom

Why you should use Microsoft Office technology in the classroom

Are you striving to offer the best education possible for your students? If you are, Microsoft Office provides tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint to support your teaching.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Office

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility and edibility
  • Student engagement


Benefit 1 - Creativity

When students create a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document the page or slide is a blank canvas. You can create and design, using tools such as: Table, Shapes and SmartArt.

Tip 1: These tools can be accessed by opening the insert pane in the top ribbon.




Tip 2: Encourage opportunities for students to create using Shapes and SmartArt to create an interactive learning experience.

Tip 3: You can also use these tools to make resources for your students, such as worksheets to complete. Simply create in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, and then either print copies for students or ask them to complete on a computer or tablet.


Benefit 2 – Flexibility & Editability

Isn’t it annoying when you make an error writing with pen and paper? Microsoft Office makes fixing incorrect spelling and punctuation easy with tools such as spellcheck


Using Spellcheck

When a spelling mistake is made a red squiggly line will appear underneath the spelling error.

Step 1: Right click on the word with the red line underneath to open a drop-down menu.


Step 2: From this drop-down menu select the correct spelling.


Benefit 3 – Student Engagement

Having trouble keeping your students engaged using traditional teaching methods? Incorporating technologies such as Microsoft Word & Microsoft PowerPoint enhance the traditional ways of teaching and can keep students more engaged.

Tip: Keep students engaged with animation effects. Animations bring shapes, objects and even photos to life with movement.


Using Animations

Step 1: Left click on the shape you would like to add animation to. In this example the green icon will be animated.


Step 2: Select the animations pane from the ribbon.


Step 3: Select which animation you would like to add to the shape.


Step 4: Open the PowerPoint in slideshow mode to see the animation effect working.