Using digital learning in the classroom

Getting started with Google Classroom

How to… get started with Google Classroom!


Trying to start up a class on google classroom? Here are the basic steps you can follow to set up a new Google Classroom.

What you’ll learn:

  • Creating a new classroom
  • Customizing the classroom
  • Adding new students and teachers to the classroom
  • Post announcements and comments on the classroom
  • Creating assignments, quizzes and class questions
  • Grading in Google Classroom 


Section 1 – Creating a new classroom

1. Navigate to the google classroom website ( and ensure that you are logged in to your Google Account.

Go to the top right corner and click on the “plus” sign at the top and select “Create class”.


2. Fill out the relevant sections in the pop-up form, and click “Create”.


And that’s it! Welcome to your new Google Classroom!


Section 2 – Customizing the classroom

1. To customize the background and theme of your classroom, click on “select theme” or “upload photo”.


2. Select your subject and background from the gallery, or upload your own photo, and click “select class theme”


3. And there you have it, a customized classroom!


Section 3 – Adding new students and teachers

There are different ways to add new students and teachers.


Method 1: Course Code

In the top left corner, under the classroom name, you will see a short class code, students can join by entering that into their devices!


Method 2: Invitation Link and Manual Addition

1. Navigate to the “People” tab, and click the small person with a plus sign next to them (highlighted in red) for whichever category you wish to add to.


2. Either type emails into the text box and click “Invite” to add users manually, or share the link by clicking the page icon (highlighted in red) to copy the link to your clipboard.


Section 4 – Posting announcements and comments

Post announcements by entering text into the central text box on the “stream” tab and click “Post” to post it to the class! This is a message for all participants in the classroom. 


Under a post, there will be a small text box, “Add class comment”. Enter text into that text box and click the arrow (highlighted in red) to submit the comment.


Section 5 – Creating Assignments, Quizzes and Class Questions

To create classwork (assignments, quizzes, class questions etc.), navigate to the classwork tab, click “Create” and select what you would like to create.


As part of creating class work, you are able to add due dates, specify the students, and add additional resources by clicking on the “Add” button – such as Google Slides or YouTube Videos.


Section 6 – Grading in Google Classroom

To grade a new assignment in Google Classroom:

1. Navigate to the classwork tab and click on the assignment you wish to grade.


2. Select “View Assignment”  


3. Select which Assignment to review


4. Edit the submission, add comments by selecting the speech bubble icon (highlighted in red) or add the grading details as required on the right hand pane.


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