Using digital learning in the classroom

Top tips for effective online learning

Top tips for… Online Learning

Are you wondering how to use online learning in your class? Here are some top tips to help:

What you’ll learn:

  • What types of content are available
  • How to structure and organise online learning


Tip 1 – Types of content

There are many types of online learning content like videos, articles, images and listening activities - using different types of content will help keep students alert and focused.


Tip 2 – Short sessions

When using online media, make sure that you split up the content into short bursts - students tend to lose focus when watching a video for a long time.


Tip 3 – Use existing resources

You don't need to make everything yourself - there are resources already available online on a huge variety of topics.

For example:

Wootube: YouTube channel for maths (


Khan Academy: Website with videos and courses on many subjects (


Tip 4 – Give clear instructions

Online learning is exciting, but you should take care that students know:

  1. What the activity is
  2. What you’re expecting from them

Give clear instructions so that they will be able to learn and have fun too! 


Tip 5 – Use interactive activities

Students gain a lot, not just from watching online materials but also interactive activities like quizzes, games and discussions.

For example, the ABC Education website has many resources and games for students:!/home


These tips will help you to make the most of online learning!